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F**k This! I'm Off!

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just turned twenty recently and currently working in an office doing I.T., bored. seriously considering joining the merchant/royal navy or r.a.f and picking up a trade, seeing the world a bit, and getting payed a decent amount to do so. anyone on here went down this route ? which of these 3 do you think would be the best options ?

joined the merchant navy at 18 and lasted 9 months. It's pretty much all work and no play, every port in the world looks the same. Forget about sight seeing. On the other hand, the college part is good fun, especially the offshore survival training. If I'd joined at 20/21, I'm sure I'd still be doing it now instead of the mundane low paid job I'm doing now. If I haven't put you off, Google Clyde Marine Cadetships. Intake is around August. Go for Fleetwood Nautical Campus. It's not far from Blackpool.

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