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Dundee United 2014/15 Season

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Along with 'whatever happened to Chevy Chase' and 'what is Chris Waddle actually saying', the Souttar conundrum will remain unanswered until the end of time.

Apparently Chevy is a total pot head and with smoking restrictions decided he didn't want to do films anymore :o

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I was curious about it and the comments are hilarious. Apparently he's not going to the police, he's gonna get them himself. What a fucking puddle drinker.

Not that I'm condoning what the United guys may or may not have done.

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I don't know what the Utd players did but I would hazard a guess that the Facebook comments from a evident idiot via his equally simple son doesn't strike me as prima facie objective evidence.

Quite why well earning, twenty something football players would want to spend a night in Liquid is equally bizarre.

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