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The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2022/23


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43 minutes ago, betting competition said:

Not a surprise considering how bad the challange was


Perhaps he deserves it.

Two things get right on my tits though.

1) The SFA appointing that h*n b*****d Beaton for the 4th time in 6 for us v The Rangers

2) Connor Goldson doesn’t get pulled up for his two red card offences last weekend. 

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised 

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Aberdeen v Rangers this weekend. Two players, one from either side, commit potential red card offences on the same weekend and neither get sent off. One is pulled up retrospectively and will be suspended for that match. The other, nothing to see here. 

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21 minutes ago, Suspect Device said:

I thought that Clarkson was yellow carded for that challenge. Did they change the rule and I am unaware? I thought that if the referee had deemed it a yellow, that was the end of it. 

Probably passed me by along with all the other changes recently. 

I think it depends what Sportscene says. Could be wrong though. 

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3 minutes ago, Jimmain said:

Can't complain about Clarkson's red I suppose...I'd also prefer Connor 'Bambi on Ice' Goldson was playing against us, so not bothered about that either.

Fucking DO them !!!

Are they not missing a few centre half’s at the moment though?

Explains why he wasn’t charged.

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46 minutes ago, Dons_1988 said:

Don’t have any issue with the suspension as we got away with one there. We move on. 

I've no issue with the suspension either. What I have an issue with is that another red card offence committed on the same weekend of matches has been totally ignored.

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18 minutes ago, Frank Grimes said:

No plans to postpone this weekends fixtures yet apparently 

Could change though 

I know they're saying that now but I reckon the media will get itself into a frothing mess if anything goes ahead this weekend and the sporting bodies will all give in to avoid getting shit for it.

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