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The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2021/22


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3 minutes ago, d31 said:

I'd guess it would have been life changing money. I'd assume he'd have 3, 4, 5 times his salary if/when he becomes a £2M striker.

It's a short career.

I'm not really sure why how much money he hypothetically could make can possibly make you 100% sure that he is talking shite when he says he doesn't want to move to France. 

For clarity, I could be offered 4 times my salary and I wouldn't move to some foreign countries. I could be offered quadruple my wage and I wouldn't move to fucking London. 

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Bit of an odd comparison from the club. Presumably the Cormack Park contract is a set amount, for a set number of meals per day, with the quality varying dependent on the value of the contract.

The Pittodrie contract will be whatever the minimum standard of food they can sell, for the maximum price, before the punter get too disgruntled. That said, they will likely provide the food for hospitality at a fixed head count.

I've always maintained that they should invite local restaurants in to set up stalls for the punters. Plenty of places I used to work would be keen to get a bit of that action, and the food would be immeasurably better in quality (albeit more pricey).

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I see sporting Lisbon had a friendly cancelled at the weekend due to two players testing positive for covid, as of today they have 8 players and 2 backroom staff testing positive also, will make next week very interesting for whoever makes it through. Also I'm lead to believe that if Viking make it through they can't travel to Portugal, lots of decisions to be made by UEFA in the coming days.

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