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Annan Athletic 2014/15 season thread

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With the great season we had last season it's sad to see we can't keep the majority of the lads together to strengthen and have another go next year. We were always going to lose the likes of Andy Mitchell but Love leaving is a big blow.

Rovers are obviously throwing the cash about so can't blame him for going.

Jim's got his work cut out trying to replace these guys now

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Ally is a big loss for Annan. Unless they bring somebody else in to replace him the only other left hooker is Peter Bradley and he's nowhere as good... If he's still there too

I was hoping peter bradley would be the 1st out the door.wouldnt get a game for annan town.

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Sounds exactly like Chapman.

Lets the good players go and keeps all his favourites (Chisolm etc) despite how shite they are. If he decides he doesn't fancy someone there is nothing they can do to change his stubborn mind, no matter how well they play.

To be fair I don't really think it's Jim's fault, he will only have offered him a contract within the budget, but as I said Albion Rovers have a bit of cash to splash and Annan obviously can't match the offer. Edited by athletic 1
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So ally has left...decent player good luck to him...

i will never forget his back heel to beat Alexander at Ibrox the day we beat The Rangers. I would like to thank him for that moment and wish him all the best too!!
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You seem to be one of few. The fact Albion should have been challenging last season has very much been swept under the carpet, undoubtedly to Ward's delight. He's absolutely fucked if you start slowly this year

In my opinion Ward shouldn't be starting the season with us, the Scottish cup covered over how bad we were in the league. Couldn't believe it when he was rewarded with a new contract but I understand the reason behind him getting a new contract. I give him to XMAS, if we aren't near play off positions he will be away.

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