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Christian Nade

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For anyone that has any doubts as to whether Nade is fat or not have a look at this clip from his facebook page, not a bit of fat on the boy! I wish had 9% body fat was described as fat haha!


The guy is an absolute tank!

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You can't be serious about this big lump of crap. Just because he bullied Dumbarton does not make him good enough for spl.

Like every other team in Scotland outwith the OF, most signings involve a taking a chance on a player.Whether It depends on the management team seeing something that no one else sees, hoping that they can perhaps handle a wayward player or getting a perrennial sick note fit enough to play they are always taking a gamble. From what I've seen of Nade he has a great touch, he can hold the play up and he can find a pass to a team mate. Where he seems to have struggled is with his fitness but he seems to be sorting this out. Seeing as we are unlikely to sign Ibrahimovich I think he is worth a punt. Unless you can suggest someone better (and avaible) that is.

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I'm gonna go with Cowden fan, it has that subtle Wilde-like wit that we've come to expect from them.

You'd be surprised to find he is a Dundee fan. I know him. 8)

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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