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Christian Nade

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He also has this to his credit.

From Wiki

Following a 2–0 defeat to Celtic in February 2010 he was involved in a dressing room bust-up with team mate Ian Black which resulted in the Frenchman being frozen out of the squad for approximately a month.


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He began his Dens career as an immense statue devoid of mobility, making Beattie look like Usain Bolt. But over the weeks he's lost weight, seems to have developed a modicum of pace (relatively) and is now immense in reputation due to his strength, no little skill on the deck, plus an ability to jump well when static - the goal at Alloa was like that and so was his header on saturday that had me jumping up and down like I did in years gone by. Not only is he immense in holding the ball up, a guy near me on Saturday in the Coxy said, "Nade's immense, you need a fukken bus to get round him!"

Well played Christian Nade.

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Didn't rate him when I saw us play Dundee but only seen him once. Can remember some Dundee fans saying Griffiths wasn't up to much in the Livi v Dundee games so doesn't go for much when fans aren't seeing a player playing all the time. Big strong player though so can see why he'd be a good hold up player to play off.

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Forgive the slight exaggeration here but he reminded of Fabian Caballero on Saturday. It's easy to see why he's commanded his fair share of transfer fees in the past. He was truly unplayable. He looks lean and his touche is incredible.

Get him signed Hartley!

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My main problem when he signed was if all we had to look forward to for rest of season was long balls humped up to this mountain of a man up front and then what?

The way Harltleys worked him into the new system though has been incredible and I'd love to have him signed up for another year.

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