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The Alloa Athletic Thread

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For what it's worth during the middle part of the season he made a few errors and I think bringing in Mckeown was the right move. It coincided with our performances picking back up and we stopped leaking silly goals. However since he got injured and Marr stepped back in he showed his class and looked as good as he ever did in an Alloa shirt. Must have been a right kick in the teeth for him getting dropped and was the wrong move for me.

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6 minutes ago, whereismillar said:

We were good enough to go up , 1 penalty decided we were not !

as for jim rebuilding the team dont fix what aint broke !

I get what your saying mate, but we had 2 games against an inferior team to clinch promotion and we weren't good enough to get the job done, if we were good enough it shouldn't have got as far as penalties. We also finished miles behind Livingston, Goodwin claims the intention was to win the league, so the fact we fell well short might in his mind suggest we weren't good enough

As for rebuilding the team its going to be a lot harder to replicate this season next season and with Marr leaving, possibly McLuskey,Holmes, Longworth, Watters will likely move on, Mackin left, then already you are looking at a rebuild. 

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Would love to see Marr at us. Hopefully he's pally with Hammy and McCord and Ferns too if he gets kept.

Aye, pretty close with all of them but Jason the type of the guy who's best pals with everyone's he's played with. Would be a cracker of a signing for yous & would prefer him signing there than Ayr.
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Jason Marr was a terrific alloa player and servant over 5 years with us. Echo what was said earlier he had a poor spell after Goodwin took over at fault for soft goals at methil and two at home against brechin and peterhead. However he has been a class act for years and form is temp class is permanent. A mistake for me . He stood by us when their were many exits when Danny Lennon was the boss. 

He and Ben Gordon as a partnership at the back was as good as any I have seen in 40 years supporting alloa. 

A lot of talk on here of holmer getting freed. Another mistake .The guy has oozed class when called upon this season. A terrific player for us.

Accept that we are despondent just now but we were not that far away. 

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