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Jim Goodwin - Saint or sinner?

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This is clearly just anti Irish Catholic bigotry, which is definitely rampant in Scotland.

There are two sides to this, yes Goodwin does a number of incredibly stupid things and is rightly punished for them. Yes he is unfairly targetted at times. For example Adams, a much bigger knob than Goodwin anyway, going nuts at an accidental clash of heads. It was utterly embarrassing from his point of view.

As for Goodwin within St. Mirren, well he isn't great, but neither are we. He certainly seems better than his double named alternative.

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It has been stated that Jim (rightly) will not be cited while the little shitbag clype Adams has been (as has DL but a touchline ban for Danny is no hardship as he never leaves his dugout normally). Adams is getting exactly the treatment a grassy wee clype would at primary school. Good enough for him.

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Jim's suspended anyway because he got his twelfth league booking, I think. Luckily he can't be assaulted by Boyd this time around.

Not great for Saints that. Who'll be marking Boyd, Cheesy or McGregor?

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