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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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@Jacksgranda - Ghana  image.png.c42a25394fdd01fec91288ff7a5f7419.png  0v @Bully Wee Villa - Uruguay  image.png.f37264be27ae84ca3cd0039c167e8750.png 2

@Duszek - South Korea  image.png.21eb254700ca4ffc2c597591a3993ade.png 2 v @101 - Portugal  image.png.f9eca412e3687fabc7c8e6757eb18c22.png 1

@Leeds Saint - Cameroon  image.png.050ab93b0408c35fa34a3282c492ac2d.png 1 v @Tynie Bagstock - Brazil  image.png.e13c489af2c3ae9393a3725d4e8609a2.png 0

@scottsdad - Serbia  image.png.8836d90b74c571ce1953741a0b513b51.png 2 v @TxRover & @German Jag - Switzerland  image.png.82eaeeb2b4102f1e423394c35880f0f9.png 3

The groups stage is over, who got what?





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Todays players/team - added to Monday score

@Ronaldo Jeremy  - Netherlands  image.png.c8cf1ba7fba49749ecad8996a53ae312.png v @gkneil - United States  image.png.2c0bd2784edfce6268d43e6dce2d4b36.png

@ArmadaleKillie - Argentina  image.png.6a18507cb3d934b989737d15ad30c28c.png v @mathematics & @Salvo Montalbano - Australia  image.png.c1a3b2dd2f75474a7339ba3b7704122c.png 

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20 hours ago, The_Kincardine said:

7 to finish the week.

Note to @SlipperyP - I'm off to Wrocław  on Tuesday and have a couple of other trips planned.  I won't be at home for more than a day or two until the 2nd week of Jan.  So I'm going to excuse myself until then.

Merry Christmas and a guid New Year to all the quizzers. Hope Santa's generous to you.

Merry Christmas friend, and I just add. and I WILL speak for all on the Quiz thread posters 'great to have you here Kincy, because all over the other threads you're a wee rascal, but we like it'

Take care bud❤️

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