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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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8 hours ago, Tynie Pecksniff said:

Good Afternoon Minions GIF

Well done to everyone for completing round two despite some technical issues.  We got there though.  The scores were all pretty even this time around.


In first place adding 35 points to their first round of 44 is team Africa. (79)  101 top scorer with an 8.

Arab World Egypt GIF

@Arch Stanton @scottsdad @101 @JamesP_81 @peasy23 @Blootoon87


In second place and closing the gap is Team Europe - Adding 37 points to 41 (78)   The GreenElves got a 9

France Paris GIF

@Insert Amusing Pseudonym @TheGreenElves @Salvo Montalbano @Ross. @The_Kincardine @kingjoey


In joint third is South America who added 36 to their initial 38 (74)  - Top scorer The Hologram with a super ten.

peru ruin GIF

@Geaky @The Hologram @German Jag @Cardinal Richelieu @Spring Onion @TxRover @specsaver


Also tied for third are Australasia on added 35 to their initial 39 (74)  - Top scorer was eednud with a magnificent ten.

tourism fiji GIF by Hallmark Channel


@Eednud @Duszek @The Captain @gkneil @BigBo10 @BaSeDG0DSA1NT @Jacksgranda


In fifth place adding 35 to their initial 37 is team Asia (72)  - top scorer was slippery with 8  

Travel Pakistan GIF by PIAC

@Leeds Saint @Helpma @Snobot @The DA @ArmadaleKillie @SlipperyP @pleslie99


And finally it's North America adding 31 to their 38 (69) - top scorer was Just One Cornetto with 8.

surfing hawaii GIF

@Rugster @Bully Wee Villa @mathematics @JustOneCornetto @Ronaldo Jeremy @senorsoupe


Excellent, now leading the way for individual aggregate is Eednud on 19.  IAP on 17,  Hologram on 17, Scottsdad on 17 and several chasing on 16.


Now onto the Only Fools Trophy

Bbc Reaction GIF

Edmund 10 v IAP 8

Scottsdad 7 v Snobot 4

Leeds Saint 6 v Bully Wee Villa 5

The Hologram 10 v GKNeill 6

Cardinal 8 v Duszek 6

Semi final line up is

Edmund V The Hologram

Leeds Saint v Cardinal v Scott Dad.


Now onto Fawlty Shield 

fawlty towers dancing GIF

Kincardine 7 James P 6

Peasy23  7  V Ronaldo Jeremy 6

Pleslie  6 v Spring Onion 5

Cornetto 8 v Specsaver 6

BB10  7  V mathematics 7

Semi draw  Kincardine v Peasy23 v Slippery P

Cornetto  v BB10 v Mathematics


Here is link


Cut off tuesday night   - quiz leaderboard still gubbed so either post it on here or PM, Thanks

Best Wishes Good Luck GIF



You genuinely don't like me do you?

Forgotten about in the team event and shoehorned into a team then transferred against my will into another one.

Now win my 1/4 final but left out the draw for the semis...........😔


6 for the cup 

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Who wants to be in that cup or the other one:

@Salvo Montalbano    v    @TheGreenElves

Who’s a Mug

@Bully Wee Villa    v    @Insert Amusing Pseudonym

Parachute payment possibility

@JamesP_81    v    @Geaky

Vanilla or sand

@SlipperyP    v    @Spring Onion


Recently all 6 games from the 2023 AFC U-17 Asian Cup Qualification Group G were played at the home of the Goulburn Valley Suns, the Shepparton Sports City, not unsurprisingly in Shepparton, Victoria. What is the capacity of the football stadium?

DM your answers before 10:00 Shepparton time (AEDT) Tuesday 18 October 2022. That’s Midnight Monday 17th for 3 of you and 06:00 Tuesday 16th for the other.

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