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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Vivaldi Cup First Round First Leg scores and link for the First Round Second Leg follow:


@peasy23   8.  v   @German Jag    8.   v   @SlipperyP    9   

@JamesP_81   8.  v   @Rugster     8.   v   @Insert Amusing Pseudonym       10

@Helpma      6.   v   @Salvo Montalbano     8.  v     @101      7

@Eednud      6.  v   @JustOneCornetto      8   

@Duszek     6.   v   @Leeds Saint    7.    v   @senorsoupe       7

@Geaky     8.  v   @kingjoey      6   

@alang1993     9.   v   @LauriestonBairn    0.   v   @Blootoon87      6  

@Ross.     7.  v   @mathematics      10   

@TxRover     7.  v   @Arch Stanton    8.  v.   @Spring Onion      8

@BigBo10      9.  v   @pleslie99     8  

@Moomintroll     9.  v   @The Hologram    7.   v   @Snobot      8

@The Captain      5.  v   @ArmadaleKillie     8

@Bully Wee Villa    7.    v   @Stringer Bell     8.  v.  @BaSeDG0DSA1NT      6  

@gkneil    10.    v   @The_Kincardine     8  

@Tynie Pecksniff     9.  v   @scottsdad     8.  v   @Jacksgranda     7

@Ronaldo Jeremy     7.  v    6.   @The DA

The questions for the First Round Second Leg are here https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/herald-afternoon-quiz-august-12/T32XHRNUK3Y7OO46KYW6CIQ334/

This is today’s (12 Aug) NZ Herald afternoon quiz. Post (make sure you identify it as your Cup score) or DM your results to me no later than 11:00 Aotearoa time Tuesday 16 August (Midnight Monday 15th for most of you).

Another 6/10 for me.

Good quizzing.

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15 minutes ago, Duszek said:

7 for the League (Q5... no clue what aspect of human activity/the universe it refers to)

6 for the Cup


Particle Physics, specifically the subatomic particles that make up hadrons in standard matter. Yes, that says hadrons and not something else.

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