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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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13 hours ago, Eednud said:

It’s about time we had another Cup and here it is.  To celebrate the last month of our winter and probably your summer the Johnny Winter And, Donna Summer Spring Affair, Autumn Almanac Cup is now renamed the Vivaldi Cup as f**k remembering/typing/copy pasting that mouthful. 


7/10 for the cup. 4 guesses right out of seven

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Cup update

Just noticed an error on my part as had @Snobot in 2 ties.

The correct ties are @Helpma   v.  @Salvo Montalbano   v @101.   and

@Moomintroll   v.  @The Hologram   v.  @Snobot

Aplogies to @101 (cup quiz link below) and @Snobot

Pleased to see most results posted but appreciate if the following can get a move on:

@Rugster   @LauriestonBairn   @Spring Onion and @The_Kincardine

The questions for the First Round First Leg are here http://quizoftheday.co.uk/180 (this is the Quiz of the day for 9 August 2016) DM me or post your answer here but make sure you identify it as a Cup score. Deadline is Midnight BST Thursday 11 August. Second Leg quiz link will be posted later in the week.


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