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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Playoff#247 - The Empire is Watching

Bowing to their superiors this weekend are;

Pfizer Premiership Relegation Playoff

@Duszek  image.png.83d5c3e5d98870e0143a1723fffece95.png  No Score v @Geaky  image.png.9c0aa75a98c8bb2ccc0d25a5ecbaf381.png 70

Q1 - At the end of 2018 Commonwealth Games, how many medals had India won? 66 medals https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Commonwealth_Games_medal_table

@Duszek is relegated. @Geaky survives for now.

Mugs Cup Last Spot Playoff

@Arch Stanton  image.png.512c10dfbb9487472c8b618ae1dca98c.png 12,000 v @Bully Wee Villa  image.png.f034d952fbd4890d1d724296d5c2bbbb.png 12,600 v @Eednud  image.png.9c4a920d01725c3a18d26351c9fdef6b.png 3,150

@Arch Stanton gets the last Mugs Cup spot.

Tourism Would Be Dead Without Her Playoff

@Geaky image.png.9c0aa75a98c8bb2ccc0d25a5ecbaf381.png P18 W7 L11 - last app 17th Jan '22



@gkneil  image.png.ae69e3ed3eb1c1104cbe78c432be4fc9.png P32 W16 L16 - last app 18th Apr '22


Off With Their Heads Playoff

@The Captain  image.png.75ac4443bc1bd53cc2344429e81a654f.png P43 W15 L28 - last app 25th Jun '22



@BigBo10  image.png.2a57fe944360806b27f0a2cb83d0fca1.png P12 W5 L7 - last app 27th Feb '22


Main Q -  What is the total amount of medals that have been awarded since the start of the Commonwealth Games up to and including 2018? 10,262 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All-time_Commonwealth_Games_medal_table

Promotion all round as @BigBo10 scelps @The Captain and @gkneil overpowers the tired @Geaky

Be good, stay safe.

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