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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Playoff Q

Wannabe Promotion/Playoff Playoff

@scottsdad  image.png.8f32d0d64258d141daaf68e3a7be487e.png 35 v @Ross.  image.png.5b3fef32eca122a0ddb3a3e900aecd6a.png 118 v @Eednud  image.png.2703187a2babcf2494a7923aad35ea93.png 42 v @Rugster image.png.8f32d0d64258d141daaf68e3a7be487e.png 110

Question 1 - What is the combined scrabble total of all 4 of your user names? 

  • Scottsdad(13)Ross(4) Eednud(8) Rugster (8) = 33

@scottsdad & @Eednud are promoted. @Rugster goes onto the main playoff. @Ross. stays in the Wannabe

Baht out of Hell Playoff

@pleslie99 image.png.8f32d0d64258d141daaf68e3a7be487e.png v 809.36 @Rugster image.png.8f32d0d64258d141daaf68e3a7be487e.png 600

Thai me up be for you Go Go Playoff

@The DA  image.png.5df34e849c464f1d0d4e435a2fae2188.png 1000 v @senorsoupe  image.png.93024d2210ed9b0ce5e400c4c5125037.png 775

Main Question - Multiply the number of provinces in Thailand with US$ to the THB฿ exchange rate. What number to you get?

  • 77 Provinces X 36.68=2824.36

No promotion in the playoff for @Rugsteror @senorsoupe. Smiley faces for @pleslie99 & @The DA

Be good, stay safe.


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Thank you @TxRoverRaith Rovers - United states of America

Thanks for joining, you have now been entered into the league, you will start in the 3rd tier (Last Chance Saloon Shootout)

The League - Runs from Mon to Fri, each day a link will be posted by the first person to do the quiz for that day, therefore if you come on to post your score and you are the first for that day out of kindness, stick a link in your post.  Also, say which day you are posting, easier for myself. If you missed a day or two you can catch up using the http://quizoftheday.co.uk/archive/ Your final scores for the week, usually have to be in by midday on Saturday, however I'll remind those folk on a Friday, before I head out to the disco to bed.

League tables are posted on Wed/Thu and Sat.  If you're in the top 3 you will be promoted automatically, coming 4th you're in the playoff, which will be held on that same day.  This is always a well constructed question to the highest standard possible. ;).

Weekly Cup - This runs along side the league, you don't need to do anything extra, you will enter this cup if you are in  the top 3 of any league.  Sometimes there is a playoff question, this question is always about football stadium capacities.

Random Cup - These cups pop up now and again, which are put together by one of the league members.  At the moment we don't have a cup running as they are all lazy c***s. 

It's all rather easy to follow, just remember to keep posting.... gifs are welcome and the unwritten rule @Jacksgranda is not allowed to win anything.

Good Luck

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