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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Playoff #242 RIP Andy Goram

Sticking it in the net this weekend are;

Pfizer Premiership 2nd Place Playoff

@Moomintroll  image.png.483d0fd8f54301741a25ca7640fd153b.png 01/05/2008 v @Tynie Tappertit  image.png.73084608cd5941145b69ef8e5db841dc.png 01/05/2001 v @Salvo Montalbano  image.png.85ba46b9de70c0834d5ec6a6d79d84ed.png 16/03/1998

The Flying Pig Playoff

@The_Kincardine  image.png.911edfc1f4652fb7b7a7885f8f853196.png P34 W17 L17 - last app 4th Apr '22 



@gkneil  image.png.5b1a8a6cd81a3c84b2c526a06718b7c7.png P32 W16 L16 - last app 18th Apr '2216


What a Fucking Save Playoff

@The Captain  image.png.c3497897efc17e2695635a512dc6b877.png P43 W15 L28 - last app 25th Jun '22



@101  image.png.5ad528273e9eaeac462931d2c3af38cd.png P9 W3 L6 - last app 25th Jun '22


Question -  René Higuita the goal scoring goalkeeper. Scored 43 goals in his career. What date was his last goal. DD/MM/YYYY

It's a 1 @Moomintroll 2. @Tynie Tappertit 3. @Salvo Montalbano

Congratulation to @Moomintroll runners up

We go the main events, playoff

@The_Kincardine goes orange! and wins @gkneil flapping.

@The Captain get it over the line against @101 2 weeks running now.

Be safe, go good!

ETa - Sorry to see the greatest goalie ever than graced the grass of Scottish football, sarcoma. My thoughts are with yu family Goram and all his friends.

You will always be with me, the scuffy goalie, pigs can fly.


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