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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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The final league tables are brought to you by Happy Birthday To You


@Arch Stanton open the door for @Moomintroll They will match up in a playoff for the title.

@Salvo Montalbano & @The DA are in the Europa Cup

@Duszek is in the Mugs cup. Last place will be decided in a playoff between @alang1993 v @Eednud

@WhiteRoseKillie never finished the week. @Rugster & @Leeds Saint did.  Not good enough from this 3.  They all go.

In the playoff. @Bully Wee Villa

NO TROPHY YET!p200622.PNG.b521cccca6cb3f3ca09189cd2dde1dbb.PNG


@Cardinal Richelieu driving it big on the last to collect his 8th second tier title.  @The Hologram & @Culter Away are also on the up.

@Ervin H Burrell is in the playoff.

@JamesP_81 @gkneil & @The Captain all struggled, they head to the sunshine league.

@mathematics is in the playoff.



Experience in the end gives @101 his 9th Diddy title. Blowing out his arse but got over the line @Jacksgranda & @ArmadaleKillie with a great finish.  They all head to the Wannabe.

@Snobot gets the playoff.

@NJ2 never finished.  He gets the spoon! Special mention to @Blootoon87.


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Playoff #240 - Monkeys Heed

Wishing me a Happy Birthday today are;

Pfizer Premiership Title Playoff

@Arch Stanton  image.png.dc2e956353f804f1aa46c25b34aeb6c0.png v @Moomintroll  image.png.10e5815b1d4bbf39b2488b8223ad4a0c.png

Mugs Cup Playoff

@alang1993  image.png.57576d4cf5d627d190317f3435be46da.png v @Eednud  image.png.5192d8265c3dce74c9fbe6caaedbbb86.png

Birthday Caird Pishe Playoff

@Bully Wee Villa  image.png.a865a960d23997263bcae6ca400f1425.png P32 W15 L17 - last app 17th Jan '22


@Ervin H Burrell  image.png.6acf5eb2997cfdddedc3fc6c00d45fe4.png P1 W0 L1 - last app 2nd Jan '22

It's the thought that matters Playoff

@mathematics  image.png.f7b3456f7326a5eb783bd58b5b459988.png P27 W12 L15 - last app 14th May '22


@Snobot  image.png.5f96137a1aa3e6697e2c5794e34e66a9.png P22 W7 L15 - last app 22nd May '22

Question - Happy Birthday Peter Reid. As per his wiki page, how many career appearances did he make, including Internationals?

Answers to Pm to me no latter than Tuesday 08:00 TT.

Good luck

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