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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Weekly cup


                @Arch Stanton(52)                            @WhiteRoseKillie (52)                                   @Helpma (13)



We go to extra question @Arch Stanton v @Helpma

Please answer before 18:00 Saturday TT

What is the capacity of  Ba F.C. (Fiji) stadium?

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Final league tables are brought to you by Willie Nelson - The Bob Song


It's double figures for @Helpma as he lifts his 10th title. @alang1993 comes in strong to get his 18th runners up spot.

@WhiteRoseKillie & @Arch Stanton are in the Europa

@Duszek & @Salvo Montalbano are in the Mugs (playoff for seeding)

@peasy23 thinks it's easy with a 4 day week. @Tynie Nickleby get bit sickly @Leeds Saint he ain't.  They all plummet.

@The DA is in the playoff.



It's a good start to a big weekend for @Eednud as he wins his 7th second tier title. @Cardinal Richelieu gets back. @The_Kincardine does enough.

@mathematics is in the playoff.

@gkneil another on that thinks he in the 70's with his 3 day week. @scottsdad keeps falling. @ArmadaleKillie bounces backwards. The all head to last chance.

@JustOneCornetto is in the playoff.



@Spring Onion goes on the offensive with his 7th Diddy title. @German Jag & @NJ2 also make to the high IQ boys. 😉

@JamesP_81 is in the playoff.

@CaspianChris sails to sea.  Let's hope the wind picks up to he can get back for his spoon!



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Playoff #235 - The Great Highland Way

Taking the teuchter route this weekend are;

Pfizer Premiership 5th/6th Playoff

@Duszek  image.png.990b8c9b37113a52dfb16701a9be8c0e.png v @Salvo Montalbano  image.png.26a03e092b595cd51b675aa55b10088b.png

What? it's no dual carriageway Playoff

@The DA  image.png.3e1e402870900ade2d368b4000a2f169.png P26 W18 L8 - last app 13th Mar '22


@mathematics  image.png.b9d0d8d4eb55ee56343c38d96e563b62.png P25 W12 L13 - last app 26th Mar '22

Stuck behind a tractor Playoff

@JustOneCornetto  image.png.3ac72166dbfae00d4401fd6370cea048.png P6 W4 L2 - last app 12th Feb '22


@JamesP_81  image.png.fa3c21ac0874cde8602c287647de099d.png P26 W16 L10 - last app 21st Mar '22

Question -  The Highland League 21/22 season has been completed. If you travel from each ground in order from 1st place to last, how far have you travelled in miles?

Answers to be sheepishly sent to my croft no later than 08:00 Monday TT

Good Luck. 


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