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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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The P&B Ryder to the Stars and Back Team Quiz 2021

Session 6 - Yep, we go again. Singles.

@pleslie99 - 

Well well well...... here we are again.

Some pishy counting (some of the fans call it cheating, that was Bourne from frustration and does not constitute the views of the ROW team) from my opposing Captain leads to this! Mind games at its finest. I for one was not accepting victory until the points were confirmed by the main man himself and my holding back of my victory speech was indeed the correct decision. Some say the speech from my opposite number @The Hologram should be taken as a resignation and forfeit, but us at the ROW are all about sporting integrity and we will compete fairly for the prestigious title.

Iv had to drag my squad out of the gutter, whore houses, strippers and pubs after some premature celebrations to compete in what is an unexpected round of singles. Iv had to charter a plane to Angola to Bring Back one of the team. Whereas the Scots sitting on their hands waiting for this moment after luring us into a false set of celebrations. We will compete and compete fiercely. Led out again by our main man @SlipperyP who will encourage the boys as they battle round. @Jacksgranda out in the 2nd match again, experienced head to keep us calm early and be on the final green to supply the beers beers the troops as they come in. It would be criminal for @Eednud, @Tynierose, @German Jag and @WhiteRoseKilie not to end this tournament with a trophy considering the consistency and points they have accumulated over the week. All 4 go out 1 after the other in a big 4 matches right in the middle looking to get some block of red on the board. Each and every one of my team have been outstanding all week and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of boys. One more big effort guys, let's push this and get the trophy to stay with the ROW.

@The Hologram -

Apologies to everyone for conceding by mistake. The RoTW are pure raging, so let’s get right up and at them. We’ve bettered them once in the singles, no reason to doubt further victories.

Rest of the World - 33                            v                     Scotland - 33

@SlipperyP                                            v                     @ArmadaleKillie

@Jacksgranda                                      v                    @Arch Stanton

@Geaky                                                 v                      @Snobot

@NotThePars                                         v                     @alang1993

@pleslie99                                             v                      @Salvo Montalbano

@The_Kincardine                                  v                      @Rugster

@Ross.                                                  v                       @The DA

@Eednud                                              v                       @JustOneCornetto

@Tynierose                                           v                      @The Hologram

@German Jag                                      v                       @gkneil

@WhiteRoseKillie                                  v                      @peasy23

@Duszek                                               v                      @BigBo10

@Meldrew                                            v                     @Cardinal Richelieu

@Leeds Saint                                       v                       @Culter Away

@Bully Wee Villa                                  v                       @scottsdad

@LincolnHearts                                    v                      @Blootoon87

@Arabdownunder                               v                        @101

@Spring Onion                                     v                        @mathematics

@The Captain                                      v                      @Tommy Carcetti

@NJ2                                                   v                       @Ronaldo Jeremy

@kingjoey                                            v                       @JamesP_81

@Helpma                                             v                        @Silky Si McFly

Today we will be using NZ Herald 14th Oct 2021 Afternoon https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/herald-afternoon-quiz-october-14/UW634JZZAJCYYKV6GW2ENRJEOE/

The deadline is Sunday 10:00 Singburi Time

May the luckiest   team win!          

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