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The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Playoff #216 U WOT

Cleaning the U-bend this week are;

WannaBe Promotion Playoff

@alang1993  image.png.4c44610f122c8fefd17a59455b671610.png v @Leeds Saint  image.png.041662245a45ac277318601b7588e023.png - Winner gets promoted, loser gets a second chance in the main playoff

Wannabe Relegation Playoff

@German Jag  image.png.fad63f545620d92fb41210a2f034691f.png v @JustOneCornetto  image.png.53454a3e17d56aeb4d45efb73c76cf11.png Loser gets relegated, winner gets a second chance in the main playoff.

The 4 above players will have 2 questions to answer. Please answer them both in the same PM. Thank you.

Q1 - Forfar Athletic were robbed at the weekend by plucky Arbroath, in the Scottish Cup 3rd round.  What was the attendance?

Weekly Cup Playoff

@Helpma  image.png.731d9fbade96ac9adcd9f588c03ea072.png v @Moomintroll  image.png.822679932f664fa1da2528e5d0a6adf2.png v @peasy23  image.png.c3796363b2e897d6b9d0e15187e537e2.png @Salvo Montalbano  image.png.3fc7a6866faf721a550d81bd92fb4a84.png v @Tynie Wickfield  image.png.fe35c9b19b22413b333f040477eb974b.png

Oleksandr Petrakov Playoff

@Ronaldo Jeremy  image.png.0d68005ba227d896d8b57e49bfdd62a2.png P1 W0 L1 - last app 6th Nov '21


@alang1993 image.png.4c44610f122c8fefd17a59455b671610.png P12 W6 L6 - last app 28th Nov'20


@Leeds Saint image.png.041662245a45ac277318601b7588e023.png P34 W113 L21 - last app 30th Oct '21

Anatoliy Tymoshcuk Playoff

@German Jag image.png.fad63f545620d92fb41210a2f034691f.png P35 W22 L13 - last app 27th Oct '21


@JustOneCornetto image.png.53454a3e17d56aeb4d45efb73c76cf11.png P3 W2 L1 - last app 20th Nov '21


@Snobot  image.png.dbdc179ad3dc8d118510ab29d39d7ced.png P15 W6 L9 - last app 27th Oct '21

Q2 - Ukraine National Football Team, on what date did it make its first appearance? DD/MM/YYYY

Please send your PM's no later than 13:00 Tuesday Thai Time.




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