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The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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46 minutes ago, Tynie Wickfield said:

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Good evening, there will be four rounds of the competiton. As per usual it will be both a team contest, an overall award for individual scores (top 3 over 4 rounds) and of the course the knock out competition split into two sections  -  Plenty of trophies to be won.  As per usual the bottom two scores for each team don't count to allow for no shows, a shocker etc etc.

Anyway without further cermony here are the teams for the first Jack's Granda Shield Trophy...

Team De Niro

robert de niro smoke GIF

@Arch Stanton @peasy23 @Ross. @Arabdownunder @mathematics @The_Kincardine @101 @Snobot


Next up team Pacino

al pacino scarface GIF

@Rugster @Salvo Montalbano @The Hologram @Leeds Saint @JustOneCornetto @pleslie99 @The DA @German Jag


Next its team Hanks

Tom Hanks Blow Kiss GIF by Golden Globes

@WhiteRoseKillie @Duszek @scottsdad @The Captain @Kima Greggs @NJ2 @LincolnHearts @Blootoon87

And its team Arnie

arnold schwarzenegger vintage GIF by Okkult Motion Pictures

@Helpma @Small Bovine Maisonette @Eednud @Sylvester Sneekly @alang1993 @JamesP_81 @Spring Onion @BigBo10


Finally  its team Eastwood

Show Down Clint Eastwood GIF by Maudit


@Moomintroll @Ronaldo Jeremy @Geaky @Culter Away @SlipperyP @gkneil @ArmadaleKillie @Meldrew @kingjoey


Great you now know your team for the next four rounds.  Now for the knockout competition.  In a twist we will have teammates play each other

wacky races lol GIF

First up is the Lager Shield

Sports Bar Beer GIF by Buffalo Wild Wings

Arch Stanton V Peasy23

Ross. v Arab Down Under

Rugster v Salvo Montalbano

The Hologram V Leeds Saint

White Rose Killie v Duszek

Scotts Dad v The Captain

Moomintroll v Ronaldo Jeremy

Geaky v Culter Away

Helpma V James P

Eednud v Alang

And in Wine Vase

wine pouring GIF


Mathematics v The Kincardine

101 v Snobot

Just one Cornetto v  P Leslie

The Da v German Jag

Kimi Greggs v Blootoon

NJ2 v Lincoln Hearts

Small Bovine Hoose V Sylvester Sneakly

Spring Onio v Big Bo 10

Slippery P v GK Neill

Armadale Killie v Meldrew V King Joey

I would like all answers in by 2pm on Monday,  please use your board name when doing the quiz as it will save we trying to work out random names.

here is the link



Han Solo Good Luck GIF by Star Wars


80% in the cup. Confident with 6 of them.

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1 minute ago, WhiteRoseKillie said:

Nine for the cup. Not over the moon about being in Team Hanks, tbf. I mean, Tom rarely lets you down,a solid performer, but he's never made a Heat, Scarface, Casino or
Josey Wales, imho.

Double Oscar winner plus Big, The Burbs, Turner and Hooch.  Man's a legend and a guid c**t

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The Final League Tables are brought to you by Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood


It's a double treble for @Arch Stanton as he lifts his 26th Title. @WhiteRoseKillie pushes into his 29th second placing.

The rest of the weekly cup is between this gang. @Helpma @Moomintroll @peasy23 @Salvo Montalbano @Tynie Wickfield

Not long at the top @Ross. drops. @The Hologram been holding on with the skin of his teeth for weeks, this week he let's go. @Small Bovine Maisonette doesn't have enough.

@Ronaldo Jeremy first week as a top boy, is not over yet! Playoff



@Geaky goes big from the start, then cruises to his 11th second tier title. @Eednud on the move again! Playoff for the last promotion between late man @alang1993 & @Leeds Saint

Midweek collapse sees @SlipperyP sent packing. @Kima Greggs changes his/her name to hide the embarrassment.  For the last relegation place another playoff, between @JustOneCornetto & @German Jag 



@JamesP_81 makes it to double figures as he hits his 10th Diddy Title. @NJ2 doesn't hang about. Also, a rare moving day for @pleslie99

Ukrainian @Snobot is in the playoff


@BigBo10, nothing big or bo and just a dream for a 10. Collects a Bullybullseye.PNG.db7c7923888681f8f73e4a0d128228d2.PNG

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