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The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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Playoff #210 - The King and I

On the crown this Monday were;

Yul Brynner Playoff

@Eednud  image.png.4c701fd7eddae5aad870c6210a08bd33.png P22 W14 L8 - last app 19th Jun '21

Going by the Yul Bryner/Deborah Kerr play-off names I’m guessing he’s the King from the King and I. Wild guess 200 years ago today, 18 October 1821.


@The Captain  image.png.b400b0d74a7a373d1c0cbffb1eac0289.png P34 W12 L22 - last app 22nd Aug '21

King Rama dude 24/08/1873

Deborah Kerr Playoff

@The DA  image.png.d73bd742c4f45090190df19dbb03ef98.png P23 W17 L6 - last app 18th Sep '21

No idea.  01/01/1750


@JamesP_81  image.png.5511752d3d24492d8fd7bfef808ca0ca.png P23 W14 L9 - last app 9th Oct '21


Question -  The King Rama IV Mongkut. What date was he born DD/MM/YYYY? 18/10/1804 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongkut

@Eednud keeps himself in the top flight and @The Captain stays where he is.

@JamesP_81 is on the move, upwards. @The DA now knows what league he's in, bottom.

Be good, stay safe!

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