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The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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3 hours ago, Eednud said:

+++ This is not a practice run, this is it. The first set of questions in the “There Might Be A Paywall (For Some) But Here’s An Example Of What Is Behind It Occasional Cup”+++

There is a direct link to The Australian and one to the usual cup quiz site for anyone having issues with The Australian link. DM your score or post here. I scored 6/10.

Results must be in by 09:00 ACST (09:30 AEST, 00:30 BST, 06:30 ICT, 03:30 Gulf ST) Thursday 29 July 2021. No excuses accepted!!!

Use either link as it’s the same quiz.




Good luck cobbers.


@JustOneCornetto v @Spring Onion v @Tynierose

@Moomintroll v @NJ2 v @Geaky

@Snobot v @mathematics v @SlipperyP

@Blootoon87 v @The DA v @BigBo10

@Arabdownunder v @Arch Stanton v @Bully Wee Villa

@Leeds Saint v @pleslie99 v @kingjoey

@Eednud v @peasy23 v @Cardinal Richelieu

@LincolnHearts v @Salvo Montalbano v @The Hologram

@JamesP_81 v @gkneil

@Helpma v @The_Kincardine

@The Captain v @101

@Ronaldo Jeremy v @Silky Si McFly

@German Jag v @WhiteRoseKillie

@ArmadaleKillie v @Rugster

@alang1993 v @Jacksgranda

@Ross. v @Culter Away



7 for the Proper Cup Quiz.

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