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Cardinal Richelieu

The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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6 hours ago, SlipperyP said:

Wednesdays League Tables are brought to you by The Happy Wednesday Song

World Super League

@Silky Si McFly going down the stretch heading for his first top flight title.  Is his sphincter up to the challenge?


2nd Division League @Ziggy on top, but no need to worry folks, he thought it was Friday already and went straight on the booze to celebrate his win.


Pontins League.  It's a sorry sight, we will say no more....


No, apparently, nasty nasty Thursday quiz, 6!

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Wasn't expecting a good score after that set of questions but very happy with a guess filled 8.


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Surprising 7 for Thursday. Lot of guesswork!

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6/10 for Thursday.  Dreams of glory turn into nightmares of relegation

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I got 10/20 for @pleslie99's fine quiz. I'm assuming I got beaten - plus I wasn't in it anyway - but if both teams get disqualified for fielding illegible (sic) players and nobody else submits a score, this could be first shot at a cup success. 

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Here it is, the long awaited cup final. Both have had very different routes the the final, 8mileBU steamrollered all in front of him while Silky Si Mcfly got a bit fortunate but then again luck is needed in cup competitions, this was always going to be tough to call.

Silky si Mcfly v 8mileBU

1. What is the capital of Benin?

Silky went for Porto Novo
8mile went for *Pass*

1-0 Silky

2. What is the currency in Albania?

Silky went for Lek
8mile went for Lek

2-1 Silky

3. Who is pictured on the American 50 dollar bill?

Silky went for Thomas Jefferson
8mile went for Ulysses S Grant


4. What football team play at the Kassam stadium?

Silky went for Hull City
8mile went for Oxford United

3-2 8mile

5. What rugby team are nicknamed The Exiles?

Silky went for Exeter
8mile went for *Pass*
Correct answer was London Irish

3-2 8mile

6. What was the best selling car in the UK in 2019?

Silky went for Ford Fiesta
8mile went for Fiesta

4-3 8mile

7. What country has the capital Port Louis?

Silky went for Seychelles
8mile went for Mauritius

5-3 8mile

8. What film features the characters Poppy Bridgit and Branch?

Silky went for Never ending story
8mile went for Trolls

6-3 8mile

9. What island do Lemurs come from?

Silky went for Madagascar
8mile went for Madagascar

7-4 8mile

10. What is the 4th book in the Bible?

Silky went for Numbers
8mile went for Numbers

8-5 8mile

So after a slow start, 8MileBU finds himself a few goals up at the halfway stage. Can Silky pull it back in the 2and half?

11. What is the Japanese word for freshwater eel?

Silky went for Yashimi
8mile went for *Pass*
Correct answer was Unagi

8-5 8mile

12. In what alphabet would you find the characters Alef and Gimel?

Silky went for Hebrew
8mile went for Hebrew

9-6 8mile

13. What comet passes near earth every 76 years?

Silky went for Halley's Comet
8mile went for Halley's Comet

10-7 8mile

14. What is nephophobia the fear of?

Silky went for Liver
8mile went for *Pass*
Correct answer was Clouds

10-7 8mile

15. Which country has earned the most medals in the Winter Olympics?

Silky went for Norway
8mile went for Norway

11-8 8mile

16. Who is the lord of the rings?

Silky went for Gollum
8mile went for Sauron

12-8 8mile

17. What is the state capital of the US state Montana?

Silky went for Helena
8mile went for *Pass*

12-9 8mile

18. What word means the Study and practice of making maps?

Silky went for Cartology
8mile went for Cartography

Silky hits the post here 13-9 8mile

19. What year did Blue Peter start?

Silky went for 1957
8mile went for 1958

Another post hit by Silky. 14-9 8mile

20. Who hosted the 2015 womans FIFA world cup?

Silky went for Canada
8mile went for Canada


Silky Si Mcfly 10
8mileBU 15

8mileBU responded well after going 1 down early but got his nose ahead and never looked back. Congratulations sir.
Commiserations to Silky Si Mcfly a valiant effort.
I'm sure the current quizmaster of the league will update the cup column accordingly!

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Todays League Tables are brought to you by Donovan - Jersey Thursday

@8MileBU joint top with @Rugster. Can he do the double.


2nd Division League

@Ziggy woke up and realized he had more to do and does it, extending his lead. 


Pontins League 

@gkneil comes out of retirement to put the squeeze on.


Lot's of scores to still come in.....



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