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Cardinal Richelieu

The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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3 hours ago, Cardinal Richelieu said:

A ten for old Cardi. 

In your face, whoever it was that was ahead of me in the league.

p.s. THREE guesses. THREE of the b*****ds. Oh my giddy aunt. 

Best man wins etc.

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9 for Friday. Thanks, chess. Thanks a bunch. 

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22 hours ago, Christophe said:

9 for Thursday, Samuel Beckett can take a running jump of his fucking bridge right into the ****** -(REDACTED)

Nice of you to wait for me, you can do the tables now your grace! 

I'm "Your Eminence" you little bollocks. 

I'm a bit concerned that I've missed some scores, but rather than sifting through a dozen pages again - and ignoring the fact that we're still waiting on a load of Friday scores, here are the missing scores prior to Friday:

  • Tynierose: Wed-Thu
  • Adamski: All week
  • CaspianChris: Wed-Thu
  • Estragon is a Fud: All week plus a bit more. 

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Occasionally, a new force emerges from nowhere to shake up the establishment and make the old guard rear up and take notice. Never has this been more evident than in the P+B Premiershit league this season. Say the name "As Easterly as it gets!" to most people a few weeks ago and they'd have stared at you blankly. Now, the name is synonymous with quizzing excellence. Of course, the team name alludes to Peterhead being the easternmost point of the country. This honour actually belongs Bruray in the Shetland Islands, but "As Easterly as it gets (on the mainland)!" doesn't carry the same ring to it. Anyway, AEAIG(OTM)! has confounded all his critics to achieve his first top spot, so well done to him. Salvo's in 2nd - a full 5 points behind - although this was a MEGALEAGUE. 

Down below, Edmund - one of the old guard - will be licking his wounds in the SWL next season, along with Ziggy.... And as for the play-offs ... I've started playing Tynierose at a quiz game on Facebook and for a medical professional - it's rather disconcerting the number of medical question he gets wrong. Hopefully  SlipperyP won't come out with a "How many bones in the body?" type question or Tynierose will punted down to the SWL. 


And so to the SWL. And there I am at the top of the tree, decrying my detractors. I really can only urge each and every one of you to get it up the lot of ye. 

As a Cardinal, people often me ask me questions about God or what happens after we die. But my most FAQ is "Why is Brand New Quiz Difference (BNQD) so important?" ... well, the answer is has caused MixuFixit to gain the other automatic promotion place - pushing Christophe into the play-offs. At the bottom, it has also caused JamesP_81 to make the play-offs, whilst relegating mathematics along with AWOL Adamski. 


And at the top of the BHL, there lies wastecoatwilly, quietly discombobulating his depreciators. That really is one in the eye for those who say you can't achieve anything in life with a suspected spelling mistake in your username. The first ever "1" in his brown column is a worthy reward for a fine season of quizzing, and there's definitely no euphemisms or double-entendres to be had there. Arch Stanton - in his first season in professional quizzing - has accomplished a promotion due to the vagaries of BNQD. His achievement is all the more impressive since he's probably thinking "What the f**k is BNQD?". Well, it's also pushed NJ2 into the play-offs at the expense of Leeds Saint. 


It was all over the news yesterday that Scotland is actually shipping all its medical waste disposal to a company in Wales. What didn't make the papers is that a Scottish football forum quiz league out-sources its play-off questions to Thailand. Step forward @SlipperyP

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