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Cardinal Richelieu

The All New No-Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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That's true. They could also just use a different username for the fun of it, like 'Dee Man's mum', to use an entirely random example. I'll just pm you my score. 
Edit: My inbox is full and I can't be arsed deleting stuff just now so I'll give you my cup score in a coded form rather out of 10...I got 40%. 
There is no point in anyone other than the Cardinal reading any further than here as it's very boring so you are as well just scrolling on to the next post.
2/10 for Tuesday 
So for context.... you were on top of yer maw as she only got 30%

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Knew five, scored eight. Cunningly posting my score early so I can experience the thrill of being top of the league for at least a few minutes. 

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2 hours ago, NJ2 said:

An unbelievable 9?!
Just the stupid Oz sport one wrong.

Exactly the same - 9 and only the Aussie sports question letting me down.  How is it possible to guess so many wrong?   Laws of probability and all that.

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