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1 hour ago, DA Baracus said:

Bit soon for you to be jumping off that big rock is it not?

Renton would be away chewing up the mallet I'd better be accurate with the jump.

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My big belter. 11 years old. Had him since I was 18.
Spends 90% of his day sleeping and 5% eating and the other 5% getting belly rubs and attention.
Stormzy confirmed, never forget a mans dug.
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Sitting in the IKEA car park waiting for Archie coming out from his first scan since November. Hes been doing well but there's going to come a point where he starts to lose the good fight. 



No growth found! Good boy!


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30 minutes ago, John Lambies Doos said:
On 13/05/2022 at 10:48, stevieKTID said:
Next stop...the weekend emoji16.pngemoji252.png

Brilliant photo

Thank you Sir, to be honest it's pretty easy the dogs will do anything for treats and the camera does all the heavy lifting.

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Our Alfie enjoying a splash about in the waves, 12 years old now and sometimes doesn't want to walk far so it was great to see him enjoying himself today.IMG-20220519-WA0006.thumb.jpg.dadfb396872f8b24536252804d2503b6.jpg

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