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Donatella sunning her 21 staples, she was in for spinal surgery, was paralysed due to Intervertebral Disc Disease. On the mend now but still very unsteady on her hind legs.


Cracking photo for an optical illusion. Took me an age to realise she was lying down. All I could see was an angry badger :lol: (Her paw being the eye and the small shadow the fluffy eyebrow)

On a serious note, not a pleasant site. Hope she recovers quickly.

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Well smart

Thanks buddy.

Shes a wee cracker. She had spent this afternoon playing with my fiances parents dog (Dexter the golden Retriever) and her aunties dog (small, not sure what type).

She seems to have a lovely happy nature about her. Shes playful without being annoying. The breeder did a fantastic job socialising her before we picked her up.

I've never been much of a dog person but I absolutely love her.

(I reserve the right to change that in the middle of the night when she's howling in her cage ;) )

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