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I lost a tooth eating a toffee crisp at Brockville. 

I remember the day well. My dad was in hospital having damaged his back carrying a coffin, so my brother took me to the game. We beat Queen of the South 7-1.

Went directly to the hospital to give him the good news that a) he missed a fantastic win and b) the tooth fairy was expected to cough up. 

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Fella has been charged with attempted murder (ironically enough in the Sheriff Court on the opposite side of the street). Tried to kill his ex-partner and her mother who run it. Charged with domestic abuse and breaching bail at same time.

On an unrelated note I'm interested somebody bothers to put 'Established 2022' on their shop...

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9 hours ago, Florentine_Pogen said:


Didn't realise that Suzuki offered the Vitara in optional 'hearse' trim. Very niche...............

Who wants Zoe to do their funeral? I want a proper undertakers name, Isaiah, Zebediah or the like.

It's not just females, who would  want Darryl or Jaxon presiding over the do?

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Excellent compo faces.



A furious dad says Asda staff sold his seven-year-old son a scratchcard – despite the fact that the minimum age for such a purpose is 16.

James Fletcher-Retallick, 47, said he was "shocked" son Ronnie, seven, was able to make the purchase with his pocket money






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On 07/12/2022 at 18:39, Shandon Par said:

My mum broke a tooth on a Wham bar so you do have to be careful with these sweets right enough.

Whams and Desperate Dan's. The tooth takers of the 10p confectionery world.

7 minutes ago, bennett said:





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