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A light has suddenly appeared on my dashboard thing - it's a yellow light that says 'O/D OFF'.

Any idea what this means?

Somebody told me it's about emissions, but I'm not convinced - I did a Google search, but I couldn't find much - there was something that said it's an indicator of an issue with transmission - I do seem to have to use more revs to get some speed up - I also read that, as it's currently switched 'off', it just needs to be switched to 'on' - can I do this myself, or will I have to take it to my mechanic? If I can do it myself, any ideas how to do it?

It's a Nissan Micra, btw.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Button on the gearstick. O/D limits the revs to save fuel.

Assuming it's an automatic this


Link: http://www.justanswer.com/uk-nissan/56861-nissan-micra-se-anther-question-rob-don-t-manual.html

Also.Brush up on your google search skills. :P

Found under O/D light Nissan Micra

Absolute genius - cheers, lads! :thumsup2

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