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Reasons to be Cheerful

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We the people of P&B demand answers! What has happened to the old thread!

Oh and as of today I have an empty for 11 days! Glorious! :D

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I know i looked for the old one as did a few people,but it seems to have vanished

anyway my rtbc is my next assignment with work is back to brazil,just in time for the confederations cup and the world cup

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Aye, surprised I've never seen it before, I quite enjoyed it. She constituted a large part of my enjoyment, but still!

I happened to watch it as well last night. Guilty pleasure of a film, and as mentioned, Elisha Cuthbert is phenomenal

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My laptop wasn't starting due to hard drive issues and it looked like all my data was lost. Fortunately, it was only the hard drive cable that was faulty so it's now been replaced and everything's working fine again.


Backing up all my Football Manager files immediately though.

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