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The Horizon programme on Pluto that was on last night is worth catching up with if you missed it 

Rather than a dull frozen waste that could be twinned with Harthill it is a more interesting place than people thought 

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13 minutes ago, NewBornBairn said:


Phases of the moon over 28 days

Thought this was the stitching on those trainers again.

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Some new research out a couple of weeks ago seem to put Axions as pretty much the leading candidate for dark matter. Dark matter is something that makes up most of the "stuff" in the universe but only interacts with gravity, not the other 3 fundamental forces, electromagnetism (aka light), the strong and weak nuclear forces. 

Axions are a hypothetical particle that was created in the very early universe, new research suggests they may have been created in enough quantity to be most of the dark matter. This research is still very new and candidates for dark matter have been chopping and changing for decades. 

They solve a couple of other small problems in physics as well though and that is often a good sign they may yet be out there. 


LHC is nowhere near energetic enough to create them so it will be decades before we narrow down a way of testing for them directly. The theory for them relies on what is called "quantum chromodynamic field theory", this is pretty well established as well so they are not wacky way out there particles like some that get proposed. More like when people needed things like antimatter and nutrinos to make equations work (both are now very widely accepted)

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