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The East Fife Thread

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9 hours ago, King Kebab said:


Get this as he's warming the bench every week and in a similar situation to Cunningham. Surprised he didn't get a contract extension!

On the other hand on the evidence of pre season, best LB at club, won an 18 month deal, other options have been woeful and we don't start him!  Bizarre. Hopefully there is a better option on it's way.

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12 hours ago, GoldenNuggets_YeeHaa said:

Can you tell us more? I hope he's a left sided player.

Big solid unit of a boy who will win headers for you and put in good shift at the back.Still pretty young at 24 but for me he will have a good career ahead of him.

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25 minutes ago, MR.E said:

Not a peep on here after winning a game and playing well. What a surprise

You might find people commenting once they have won more than “a game”.I thought it was a good result and was surprised by the team selection.

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Pleased to see brogan walls get off the bench for minutes on Saturday, we’ve been missing another option apart from slattery in the middle of the park and looked great before his injury so a run of games between now and end of season will do him good. 
but 2-0 away to Elgin was great it’s the home form that if we get that good too we will be where we are.

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