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The East Fife Thread

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Best thing would be to build a modest covered terrace behind both nets - that would change the complexion of the ground completely, and enhance the match-day experience.

Even just one terrace on the opposite side of the main stand, covered and available to both sets of fans, would make a huge difference. 6-8 steps high, with a roof, some bogs and a pie shop. I'm sure the same people that provided Ross County's temp stands would probably do something similar for terracing.

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Make that Gary Fisher.

Killie /Hamilton fans - over to you.

A very accomplished player. Excelled in our youth team and was supposedly brilliant at Hamilton last term. Should be in our team this season IMHO, but didn't play well against Aberdeen and AJ hasn't trusted him since.

Great signing for EF.

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Well it's Official…

The Methil French Connection is now over, with this week seeing the departure of Alexis Dutot and Cedric Tuta, the returning home of our contingent of Continental players is now complete!!!

It was pretty obvious that the constant flow of foreign talent that was being tapped at Bayview throughout the summer was being plumbed by the now long departed Kevin Drinkall. His leaving, was also the turning of the tap, sealing that reservoir of talent off from us!!!

Gary Naysmith has arrived, the players he has brought in have been of a decidedly more home grown variety, with names like Fisher, Campbell, Hughes, Thomson and Henderson more likely to be seen on the Team Sheet than those of Nade, Bouzid and Semedo. And who is to say he is wrong, in 5 games Naysmith now has a better win rate than the previous incumbent, so let him get on with it I say, getting rid of who he wants and bring in who he wants!!!

Out of all the foreign players, they will leave us with assorted memories;

Nade minor - never a football player in a million years!!!

Nade major - never seen on the field, but could certainly scoff the pies when sitting in the stand!!!

Bouzid minor - nutter, too good for this level, missed when he left!!!

Bouzid major - again too good for this level (is he still at Killie???)

Semedo - exciting wee talent, instant fan favourite, got farmed out around August/Sept and was never seen or heard of again, basically replaced by Fash!!!

Tuta - Don’t think any Manager quite knew what to do with him or where to play him, the guy was obviously talented, but just didn’t seem to fit in!!!

Dutot - Probably of the all the players named is the one that the majority of East Fife fans would have wanted to keep, was a stand out in the games he played, but at the same time wasn’t like the Bouzid Brothers, too good for the level he was playing in. Got badly injured in the first League game of the season against Dunfermline, missed a lot of games and couldn’t get back in the side.

Moosavi – Seriously???

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How has James Thomson been for East Fife?

We're about to sign Stephen Hughes, perhaps even today, how is he these days?

Thomson has done well since he arrived, but has been on the bench the last two games, think that has more to do with the return to form of Stevie Campbell than anything that Thomson has done wrong though!!!

Stephen Hughes has been offered a contract by us, but is considering all his options which obviously includes an offer from your mob, so Saturday could either be his last game for us or his first game for you!!!

Dutot will be a major miss to the Scottish game one of the best right backs we have seen on our shores.


And to think he played most of his career at Centre half, but glad to see you agree!!!


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Also to say that goalkeeper Michael Andrews, who we signed pre-season from Brechin City, has also been released!!!

Has already been signed by Berwick!!!

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So.......we were right then. In pretty much every detail...


Eh... What...

Who's we??? What were you right about??? And what were the details???

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Safe to say the appointment of Aitchison, Drinkell and the influx of foreigners was a bit diastrous, aye.

The excitement over the new ownership totally justified and we're heading in the right direction. Gutted we've lost hughes but with the French lads plus him away hopefully Gary can get some fresh faces to start building his own squad.

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