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The East Fife Thread

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There are no rumours of potential signings and none of last years squad have been offered new deals!!!

We have 0/none/zero/nada/no players, (it may have been mentioned elsewhere in the Thread)!!!

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The takeover seems to be going ahead as we have been informed. EFFC is a private limited company and as such has less obligation to provide less information than a public company has. So financial information can be hard to come by, even the yearly accounts are restricted which makes it difficult to extract full financial expenditure.

However deductions can be made. On the Rangers monies we know? that 100k was placed in an account to expire end of May. Now as is being disclosed the takeover has been taking place over the last 6 months, it seems coincidental that the money was placed in this account at the same time. And as the shareholder/s (Rankine?) has no real interest in the club and as major owner can dictate what happens to this money. So would it be far fetched to consider that his share will be taken as part of the deal?

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So tomorrow is said to be D-Day, The day the new owners are thrust upon us.

But didn't someone say that the current directors are asking for a payout before they leave?

Didn't Sid say that there had been no money put on the table?

Didn't he also say there had been no current bids?

I mean surely with (according to Dave Marshall) Sid being the majority shareholder he should know?

Apparently we were told, this missing money was used for a female officials shower room, boilers, gas fittings, electrical fittings as well as a brand new engine for the bus.

We are expected to believe that a substantial payment was used to fund the day to day running of the club, well that's great, maybe it was used for those purposes, but if that was the case where did the income from the rest of the season go to?

Anyway... Not to worry, tomorrow is a new day, tick, tock.

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I can bare your posts and daily count down but please, please, please, please give the dancing man a rest....

No don't worry, he rests when you're not watching him, you don't think he dances all the time do you???

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East Fife part company with boss Billy Brown

By Craig Smith, 5 June 2013 11.34am.
  • image.jpg
  • Billy Brown celebrating keeping East Fife up last season.

East Fife and manager Billy Brown have parted company as part of wider plans for the club.

Courier Sport understands Brown has reached an “amicable” agreement to step aside as a consortium of local businessmen tie up proposals to takeover the Methil outfit.

The 62-year-old took over at the Second Division club in November after Scotland striker Gordon Durie stood down due to health problems.

The long-time assistant to Jim Jefferies at various clubs including Falkirk and Hearts, Brown agreed to take up the reins as his own man at Bayview after a spell as caretaker boss at Hibs.

Adjusting to a part-time role proved harder than expected though and the club were in danger of being relegated to the Third Division until a late rally saw them survive via the play-offs.

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His wife'll be back on the phone to JJ : "get this roaster oot ma hoose, i'm no wantin done and he's wearin a hole in the hall carpet".

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