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The East Fife Thread

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in todays Courier;

Chairman confirms moves to take over East Fife

East Fife chairman Sid Collumbine has admitted that former director Brian McNeill is involved in moves to buy the club.

Last week, the Methil chief dismissed reports of a “business consortium” making a takeover bid.

However, he has confirmed that McNeill, who was also the club physio, has had a representative making enquiries about taking control of East Fife.

Despite that, Collumbine insists that as yet no firm offer has been tabled and as things stand, it is business as usual as the Fife side gear up for next season.

The chairman said: “Since the end of the season, loads of people have been telling me Brian McNeill and others associated with him are taking over the Club.

“He resigned from the club about a month ago and he apparently has a lot of big plans. However, as yet there has been no concrete offer from him or anyone else. We have not seen any money and as far as I am concerned, I am still chairman of East Fife and the board remains in place.

“McNeill has contacted the club through an accountant to do due diligence and he has been told we want to know what his plans are sooner rather than later. However, I believe that he is on his stag do in Magaluf at the moment.

“There has been a lot of talk but few hard facts and we will need to start working to put a squad in place for next season.

“If they can prove they can take East Fife forward, I would have no objections. I am 72 years old after all but if they can’t prove that then we would view their bid as hostile.

“The board of directors at East Fife are very hard-working people and until I know differently, they and myself will be at the club next season.”

From somebody well in know on AFTN

As for the courier, they also talk through the same hole covered by the corduroys of Collumbine, The deal is sealed 25_coolguy.gif

Collumbine has got a hard neck coming out and saying anything about anything... He has been asked to leave and the quicker he does that the better, He knows nothing about the business side of what is going on and is speculating the majority of the rubbish he is telling reporters.

The only people who have been dragging this on is the current owner(s) as they have been waiting to reap the reward of the end of the financial year, now that is almost upon is the deal has been sealed but won't go through for another week or so.

Love the fact that Sid cries his eyes out at Peterhead and tells everyone he is resigning but now he tells the Courier "Until he tells us his plans I and the board will remain at the club next season".

News flash Mr Collumbine, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!
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Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest East Fife squad list;

1 ?

2 ?

3 ?

4 ?

5 ?

6 ?

7 ?

8 ?

9 ?

10 ?

11 ?

OK thats the starting 11

Subs ?-?-?-?-?



COMMUNICATIONS WITHIN THE CLUB ? Communications with the faithful ZERO!

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The Season starts on the 27th July, with the 1st Round of the Challenge Cup, with the League kicking off on the 10th August!!!

So the Countdown begins...

Number of Days Number of Signed/Registered Players

57 0

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This is beginning to drag on.

I hope you are talking about the inactivity emanating from Nou Bayview and not my daily updates!!!

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