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Should Weed Be Legal?

Should weed in the UK be...  

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9 hours ago, engelbert_humperdink said:

Medicinally it would give pain patients the option to use weed instead of opiates which are highly addicitive and can cause horrible withdrawals even on recommended dosages

I don't disagree for using it for medical purposes, I am all for that.

54 minutes ago, 8MileBU said:


I might be misreading the tone of your posts, but despite how you’ve referred to stoners you’ve ‘known’ or ‘seen’, it’s coming across like you’re trying to paint all stoners as total losers and stinking minks.....Which I’d agree with but only if referring to the types who sit on their arse not working and smoking it all day.


Not everyone who smokes weed fall into this category though.

It does for the ones I have known and that is all I can go on.

But what pisses me off about it is that the only reason some folk can come up with to legalise it, is that is not as harmful as drink. Its all to do with suiting folks agendas, for instance The Rangers want the rules to change so they can sing their songs, dope smokers want the rules to change so they can get stoned without any repercussions.

32 minutes ago, engelbert_humperdink said:

the guy has issues simple as that

If you need to smoke dope, you have issues. 

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