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Should Weed Be Legal?

Should weed in the UK be...  

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In the grand scheme of things, it is no worse than already available and taxable intoxicant's,

Of course you'll have people that kick the hole out of it and turn into lazy arsed stoners just the same as you have jakey's who kick the c**t out of bevvy, and just the same as with bevvy, you'll have folk whose inbuilt biology won't tolerate it and it'll send them off their nut,

but as mentioned, everything in moderation, and it's fine,

I honestly hope to see the law changed in the near future but i won't be putting my house on it happening, which is a shame as it's nice to just get smashed now and again without the fear of plod banging you up for it!!

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Its illegal cause its naturally subversive, it encourages lateral thinking and causes people to question a lot of things the powers that be would rather you didn't question. Its nothing to do with harmful effects thats not the issue. Read what Chomsky says about it thats why its really illegal, it appeals to certain subsets of society and has a subversive effect on the young.

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