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Let's All Laugh At Celtic Thread

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Not sure what would be more pleasing to be honest, Celtic losing this appeal and being stuck with the shitey Europa League or Celtic winning this and being hunted in the last qualifying tie meaning they would be out of europe altogether?

Teams that lose in the playoff round now drop in to the Europa league group stage.

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You know when folk in the media and on here give it the whole "laughing stock of world football!" every time we have a bad year in Europe? Getting emptied from the Champs League play-offs for an admin mistake is genuine laughing stock material - there will be someone down the job centre in Warsaw for that seven figure f**k up. Polish football was already a laughing stock of course for getting one of their top clubs papped out of Europe by a part time Icelandic team :unsure:

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You can dream. CL monies await ... maybe even the money and a crack at Europa or the last 16 and even more dosh. Anyway we'll still have European nights to look forward to as we cruise to yet another Scottish Champions title.

I'm so heartbroken ... gutted I am.

Awwww look at you trying to convince yourself you're enjoying all this without your wee pals. Cute.

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Doesn't read the thread ... ^^^^^^^^^^

There's nothing to be proud of, or ashamed of, as we didn't do anything other than play the tie.

Edit: Warsaw were the better team, they broke the rules (intentional or not) we did not miss the two penalties, we did not field a suspended player, we do not make UEFA rules, we do not apply the rules and by all accounts Legia reported the 'mistake' not Celtic.

Ashamed or proud of what?

This is all Legia's doing, we only participated in a tie.

I am enjoying the diddy tears and seethe though

sorry this is wrong celtic clealry did not at any point "participate" in this tie. they showed up , rolled on their side and got shafted.

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Love the Mash:


"CELTIC has invented a fictional hero to take credit for the three goals it never scored.

The club was awarded a completely made-up 3-0 Champions League qualifying victory over Legia Warsaw after the Polish team accidentally fielded an invincible football robot for two minutes of injury time.

Now the Glasgow club has honoured the achievement by awarding the goals to the fictional attacking midfielder, Declan Sanchez.

A club spokesman said: “Declan is a working class boy from Galway whose grandfather was an Argentinian human rights activist and a close friend of Che Guevara.

“Declan joined Celtic at the age of seven after being spotted by Kenny Dalglish, adopted by Charlie Nicholas and trained by Henrik Larsson. When he is not creating and scoring magnificent goals he writes poetry about imperialist oppression.

“And he has the voice of an angel.”"

Got the Celtic-psyche spot on.

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