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Let's All Laugh At Celtic Thread

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Celtic :lol:

Do Celtic always fail hilariously after their management team make delusional statements in the press, or are there so many delusional statements from the two Walter Mitty characters that there's no relationship between the two?

Merits a publicly-funded study IMO.

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Afraid so. I am dead serious when I say I remember him being a decent poster. I don't know what's happened to him.

Hardly "crying" as you put it

It's becoming very tedious

A lot of threads you can't have a discussion without someone either trying to troll or goad others into arguments, ends up a lot of threads are ruined.

Strange how you never bothered your arse to quote my original post.

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If you bothered to your arse to read the original accusations being made you'll see why I asked for the post to be posted, as it shown the poster was talking shite.

I wasn't talking shite. I made posts from memory, which were wrong, apologised (all before you showed up) and then posted the correct (weirdo) post. You come along telling me to go get your quote. Which I did (again). You then said 'good for you' and fucked off. I have absolutely no doubt you'll go incognito for a few weeks then come back with a story how you saved someone's life or such like when everyone else was just watching or walking by. As you've done before.

You deserve every single chase you get, as you're an absolutely shite poster, a fantasist and a weirdo.

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