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Sons' sorrow

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1 hour ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

It was barely even a half chance!

Every second touch from Carswell and David Wilson is a tackle!

We’ve been in their half about twice the whole game. They should be 4 up here. Come on man.

It all depends on how you look at it - they didn't score four and personally I would prefer to concentrate on the positives.

I thought we played better in the second half and McKee and Findley Grey both looked good when they came on.

Some nice moves, no big mistakes at the back and Long was our best player by some way. He made a number of tremendous saves.

I also thought Buchanan had an excellent game at the back.

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Stevie saying the distances between our players were too big on Saturday. Perhaps we should take the pitch in more?
2-0 is a far better scoreline than I expected so fair play. 
I heard* that he's been in touch with IFAB to see if we can reduce the pitch dimensions to the size of a 5 a side pitch.

*not from a reliable source so probably not true.
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11 hours ago, lorenzo71 said:

Potentially 30 odd grand in our cut of the gate  ...hopefully that will bring us a LB at least.

Its not a left back we need. We need a target man striker. Or a midfielder who is actually going to break up opposition attacks.

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A defeat is never welcome but context is important here. A 2-0 scoreline was probably better than most Sons fans expected tonight and it sounds like the team competed well against an Aberdeen side that's had decent money invested in it.
On the night that the BBC website tells us that Peterhead managed zero shots at Kirkcaldy we need to remember that it's the league campaign on which Farrell and his team should be judged.

1.4 million so far
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23 hours ago, Neilly said:

2-0 away to a Premier League team midweek is very respectable to be fair to Farrell.

I think you moaning b*****ds can get off his back for a night eh.

Could have been 4 in the first half according to the highlights and Comms. Let’s not praise him for us getting lucky 

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Is the sign of insanity repeatedly going to Peterhead over and over again expecting a different result? 

Anyway. Few changes to the team, quite looking forward to seeing Love from the start. The McKee/Gray midfield duo I might be into. But Ryan Blair is in the starting lineup too...so I'm guessing someone is being shunted into the Div Wilson wide-without-ever-going-wide midfield role again...

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Perhaps taking Carswell out of the CM area allowed us to play a bit more expansive football or perhaps just rotating things around and dropping some of the guys who would be considers "starters" has allowed some of the others to show what they can do.

Either way, fair play to the guys for that result. I know Peterhead are a bit deflated and struggling for a bench but every little positive is worth taking in.

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The positives:-

A win on a ground that has been problematic in recent seasons.

A clean sheet, and away from home.

We completely controlled the second-half against ten men.

A superb finish from Finlay Gray and a lively performance from him.

The negatives:-

All the Peterhead threat came down our left-hand side.

Declan Byrne and Callum Wilson were largely anonymous.

Yet another disgraceful decision by Barry Cook but this time it worked in our favour.

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