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  • 3 weeks later...

Back tomorrow with our 2016 Awards Show where we will be picking winners from various categories who will receive a firm hand shake on our next meeting. On tomorrows show I am not going to claim to have any guests arranged but two of the most popular people to have ever been on the show will be there from 7pm.

If you have any suggestions on other categories or someone for any of the awards please cast your votes, that said I have picked them already and you might still be charged for your vote, hopefully they will make more sense when they are announced.....

Team of the year

Club of the year

Manager of the year

Best club highlights

Best overall club media

Best Twitter account

Best career move

Shout out for services to junior football

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Spoiler alert!!!!!

If the show has been recorded and you don't want to know the results of the Nugent4nil 2016 awards please divert your eyes.....

Please remember this is the opinion of a drunken arse........








Team of the year - Beith

To finally win the Scottish and do what they have, its Beith for me. Shouts to Pollok, coming back up and getting to the final, to Kilsyth, to Cumnock etc but only one for me

Club of the year - St Rochs

Take the football side away and most clubs are bare, what the Roch have done and continue to do is look after their community. Free coaching over the summer, after school classes, Christmas dinners, they really are the club in their community.

Mentions to Auchinleck, Renfrew, Arthurlie, Cumnock etc who have made massive bounds in recent years.

Manager of the year - John Millar

Hardest one for me as I was swaying towards Stewart Maxwell with whats hes doing at Rob Roy but the Scottish nailed it. Mentions to John McEwan, Tony McInally, Paul McColl, Keith Hogg,and a few others for fantastic efforts.

Best club highlights - Not a club more a team... Dave Brown

Although Dave is a Pollok man, hes OK that said, he covers various games when he can so I picked him, as I didnt want Pollok to win anything else. Outstanding efforts from him and Mark D backing up. Shouts to Killejo? now at Talbot and a good few others.... your workis so very much appreciated gents.

Best overall club media - Clydebank

Great stuff from Pollok, Troon, St Anthonthy's, among lots but I feel with the web the programme and the game footage that Clydebank just edged... it was close

Best Twitter account  - Rossvale

Lots of clubs do fantastic things on twitter, Troon, Pollok, St Rochs, etc but for the non stop promotion of the club and sponsors for me there is only one winner.

Most vocal support at a game - Pollok Pirates

I do miss the Peasie Pirates but hats off to the boys from Pollok, not stop crap songs for 90 minutes, crap but they were 100% behind their team.

Best career move Joint Winners Branco Grieg McKenna

For Mark Cameron to leave football and now be on the verge of a ride in next years Tour of Brittian, Dave Grieg to be only one handicap away from representing Great Britian in the Paralympic golf in 2020 and to cotter whos took talking baws to frying chicken baws.... outstanding stuff

Shout out for services to junior football - James McKenna

After announcing he was retiring last season James eventually hung up his gaffers coat, his service to junior football has been outstanding.

Hat Trick of the season.

As there was only one entry I decided to annul this section, sorry Tam H ;)]

Junior Programe of the year

I wont say it because ... you know...


Cause of the year - Nil by Mouth

They are doing absolutely fantastic work in OUR communities that will hopefully bear fruir in the present and years to come. Go have a look here http://nilbymouth.org/

Thanks so much to everyone and I on behalf of myself and the beastie, Lily, would love to wish you a fantastic Christmas and see you next Thursday.

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18 minutes ago, fan of the juniors said:

Al message you nearer the time re seasons greetingsbut have to agree with the team of the year . See you on the 7th for a few

Indeed mate, OH can you all please follow @nbmScotland on twitter please, good people doing fantastic work. 





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11 hours ago, hareskirky said:

Aye some decent picks main one disagree with Rossvale twitter of the year?? Loads of east clubs for a start do a far better job penicuik for one and in the west clydebank really good . Most guy's i know find rossvale twitter irritating constant advertising and stupid non football related stuff and always begging for more followers. That's not good content man.

I'm  100% getting where you are coming from, but as a west based Arthurlie man I can only do the old catch phrase says.... say what you see. The Rossvale guys possibly ask for followers, but many many accounts do likewise. What Rossvale do is  tirelessly seek out potential sponsors and when they get them on board they punt them. Yes they do ask for more followers but why? Because the fact they mention their sponsors all the time, the bigger the following the bigger the catchment area yes?

I laud that. any clubs etc go hands out asking for money, get it, magic... next year back again... no! You have to give something back fort those giving to you, yeah? That's whats Rossvale do and more.

The whole awards things were a bit of fun and a wee shout out for guys and gals doing fantastic work with their club and in some cases in their community.

I picked the lot and if it offends you or anyone I might make it a one off rather than upset anyone.

That's harsh I know but... next year... we talk and set up a poll? Thing is I will over ride it and pick what I think anyway ;)

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7 minutes ago, hareskirky said:

Aye but seemingly they are making out they are best going around when it's only one person's opinion.
Most people will be put off by them i know i unfollowed them long ago as did a few others.

Anyway all the best.


St Roch's have followed on with me picking them as club of the year, another I stand by.... its all about opinions yes? Those were mine.

Anyway my two bit show and opinions matter not  jot, wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas and .... I will wish you the rest next week.

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