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Mosconi cup


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Never been a fan of Strickland. I know it was deliberate but he really irritated me. I liked it when Steve Davis was involved but that was a while back.

Been really close so far and Europe could have just as easily have been ahead by the same score. Should nicely heat up over the next two days for some great entertainment.

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I adore the Mosconi cup. The professionals always make 9 ball look so simple. Me and my brother always have a game of 9 ball on boxing day and will do well to clear up once each in 2 hours! I always feel like a superstar when I do though!

Also, it's hilarious how bad some if the Americans are at using the rest. Guys that are professional pool players, absolutely terrified when they have to get the rest out!

Hope this Greek boy wins but I don't think he will. It's just a matter of keeping the scores close for the singles last day.

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Did you see the American boy pot the 5 up the cushion 5 minutes ago? The ball still goes in even though the 5 hit the cushion about half way up! Tight pockets my arse.

Aye , it's the one criticism I've got about the tables . It wouldn't have dropped on a snooker table .

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