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Limmy's Show


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I was there last night, really enjoyed it too. Definitely a show for the diehard fans with the amount of callbacks. Was genuinely crying with laughter at the Armadillo vlog bit. :lol:

Thought he crammed a lot into the 90 minutes tbf, only complaint was that the ending was a bit abrupt.

Agree with the abrupt end, I was expecting him to come back out. It was still fantastic though!

I noticed a lot of people left before the break and then missed a fair amount of stuff.

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I was there last night and thought it was pretty so-so. I don't think it necessarily translated well to the stage - it was telling that the best moment of the night was the video clip filmed outside the Armadillo towards the end. I enjoyed hearing the catchphrases and familiar punchlines but I think I was looking for a bit more than rehashed gags (and it didn't help that a few people in the crowd were shouting out the punchlines before they were delivered).

Limmy's one of the best comedians in the country but his humour fits a very specific format; television, Vine and Twitter. Moving it to the live arena was a mis-step.

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