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West Ham Utd

jimmy boo

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Fat Sam blames everybody bar himself.

He cheated his fans today with his tactics and line up.

His experienced players who were on the park were an embrassment.

The quicker he's away the better

But he's had David Golds full backing....surely he can't be going anywhere??
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I detest all the London clubs bar Arsenal, and that's only because I'm a fan of Wenger's philosophy (even if he has selective blindness a bit too often) Once he's gone I'll probably feel the same about them.

But WHU, Chelsea, Fulham, Spurs and Crystal Palace can all just GTF!

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Does anyone remember when Allardyce was tipping himself to be manager of Real Madrid or Inter Milan? Couldn't have been that long ago. An absolutely despicable fat scumbag, as well as despicable owners and a mob of horrible fans. They'll surely go down again, but lets hope they don't come back up.

Forever blowing bubbles is also an atrocious song.

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