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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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Very pleased we've got those awful Scottish Cup stats to f**k today, and very comprehensively.

Could, and should, have been more, and think we had at least one more gear to go up.

Thought Ritchie-Hosler looked decent today. Shame he had to go off, but looked more precautionary than anything.

Hoping for a good draw on Monday. Still loads of decent ties we could get.

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30 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

Another diddy team at home please. Drumchapel, Linlithgow or Falkirk.

I'd prefer a top away trip, but if not that then aye, a pish(er) team at home would be good. This is the round the Premiership clubs enter.

21st January is the date of the next game in the cup.

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It's been a busy few months for the PST we have finally got the website it a bit of a better order and have launched a pars history cartoon - 


Members of the PST have a discounted link in the newsletter.


Also in the works is a play on the Pars and Dunfermline more generally in the mid 90s which should be fun and tickets for that are in the club shop or from the Alhambra directly.

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Utter, utter shite. Lumping balls up to Wighton on a totty field, watching on in a stand with about 6 inch leg space, during close to 0 degrees. Yeah, that’s one that will be getting missed. 

Can we just have one lousy season where we at least get a good draw or a wee run? This is so shite. 

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