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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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We can have zero complaints. We were not unlucky. We fully deserve this.

The board have much to answer for. They must fire Hughes immediately. Season ticket sales will be hilarious if they don't. They still will be. We've probably lost at least 500-800 fans permanently off the gate now.

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On 08/05/2012 at 01:44, Parscelona said:

First things first, for those thinking about saying First Division forum for this pish, it will be there soon enough, yet you're stuck with us until GTF day! wink.gif

Nevertheless, now that our relegation has been confirmed, we could sit here and sulk about it, yet i'm sure the majority of Pars fans prepared for this moment weeks ago and now that the inevitable has occured, we can now focus on looking towards JJ assembling his own team in the summer.

Here's how we're looking right now...

2012/13 Dunfermline Athletic Squad
Paul Gallacher
Andy Dowie
Jordan McMillan
Kerr Young
Paul Burns
Shaun Byrne
Joe Cardle
Josh Falkingham
Chris Kane
Ryan Thomson
Alex Whittle
Paul Willis
Andy Barrowman
Andy Kirk
Ryan Wallace

Offered New Deals
Liam Buchanan

New Signings
Josh Falkingham - Arbroath
Andy Geggan - Ayr Utd
Chris Kane - Hearts
Ryan Wallace - East Fife
Alex Whittle - Nike Academy

Loaned Out
Paddy Boyle - Gateshead (6 months)

Players Released
Steven Bell
Pat Clarke - Raith Rovers
Bernardo Fernandez
David Graham - Morton
Martin Hardie
Alex Keddie
Mark Kerr
Gary Mason - Retired
Austin McCann - Ayr Utd
Steven McDougall - Dumbarton
John Potter
Nick Phinn
Kevin Rutkiewicz
Chris Smith

this was the first post.....from ten years ago tomorrow......have things changed much?

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this was the first post.....from ten years ago tomorrow......have things changed much?

We nearly went bust. But in terms of the way the club is run, it’s been run like a circus in those ten years. So I guess you can say nothing much?

Jesus this is fucking chronic 🤣 Rightfully getting ripped apart by others. Second biggest budget before a ball was kicked 🤣 Cheers McArthur, you leave a club legend! Don’t let the door hit ye on the way out, mind!
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19 minutes ago, foreverarover said:

But, but but, he's read the, managerial book from front to back and from back to front. Fucking dinosaur of a manager and the fans were well warned on his appointment.

What does this mean? Do you genuinely believe the fans appointed him?

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