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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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This makes it sound like yogi isn't the one deciding who is getting extensions, which it must be otherwise I suspect he would be offski.
I would imagine Todd won't be on huge money and perhaps Yogi has sussed either he doesn't play well during uncertainty or plays better with increased incentives and has taken steps to do this. 
But I would agree that despite Allan being the one that is dropped Todd would be the one I would replace for Dorrans/ Wilson.

Apologies if the wording was poor. Wasn’t meant to come across as if Yogi isn’t deciding on contracts - I agree, if that was the case he would be off. I was just explaining why the 2 year deal didn’t make much sense to me.

As I say, I would be delighted if Todd goes on to prove that this is the right decision, by really kicking on and having a great career. Same goes for the other young players we have. I’m just not sure ‘fringe’ midfielders are worth 2 year deals when the manager has identified that as the weakest area of our team and we are performing well below expectations.

Forgot Wilson existed. For what it’s worth, I’d rather give Todd a deal than him. Not due to ability, just the fact that Todd’s available to play most weeks and Wilson has a total of 3 sub appearances in the last 9 months and has only been fit enough to make the match day squad on one other occasion. Good player, but we can’t ignore the fact he’s never fit.
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Todd being given a new contract. Must say, I'm not seeing what the Pars staff are for giving out these deals to the younger players. 

All joking aside, it’s like Hughes and the club are genuinely preparing for League One.
Here's an idea - let the guy develop like other clubs seem to do rather than binning him early doors.
If we could maybe go on some sort of half-decent run of form the young guys confidence/form will only grow.

I agree to an extent. He’ll be on a low wage, so little harm in keeping him on and letting him get some first team action. We’ve let guys like Lewis Spence and Shaun Byrne go at young ages and they’ve gone on to play at a higher level than when they left us.

However, I’d be worried if (and this looks likely) he’s in Hughes’ longer term plans to be one of the first names on the team sheet.

I suppose Todd signing doesn’t mean we aren’t looking/won’t sign other midfielders, so I’ll try not get too wound up about it.
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Yogi confirming interest in Ambrose. Noticed he was on the bench for St Johnstone tonight. A like for like replacement for Connolly I guess. Could be a stroke of genius or a complete disaster. I'm all for it.

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I see Fraser Currid’s left to sign a permanent deal with Bo’ness Athletic. We didn’t announce he signed for us, we didn’t announce he left on loan and we now haven’t announced he’s left the club permanently. Even by Grant’s standards, it was a very bizarre signing.

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It was mental stuff,  I have a suspicion grant owed someone a favour or two with currid.  Signed him twice and never played. 

But then again Grant is so clueless that its hard to say for sure what was just pure incompetence and what might have been more.

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Who the f**k is Fraser Currid?


Alloa’s third choice keeper from last season. We signed him and loaned him out. But we never announced the signing or the loan deal. Now he’s been allowed to leave on a permanent basis - still no announcement.

Also worth pointing that our useless club say he was loaned to Bo’ness United, but he’s been playing for (and now signed permanently for) Bo’ness Athletic.
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United had agreed a loan with Dunfermline for Hoti but that deal has been delayed because he wants clarity of his long-term Tannadice future. The midfielder is out of contract in the summer.

Tam Courts : There might be a few players who want to go on loan for game time

Flo Hoti to Dunfermline was looking pretty solid but I don’t know where we are with it at the moment. 

That would be a good move for him.

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Yogi in the Courier talking about using Dorrans as a number 10. Not sure if he's sharp enough to play in those areas but at least it would but an end to what he's doing now.. That hole he plays in, between the goalkeeper and the centre backs.

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39 minutes ago, Bucuresti Par said:

Dorrans as a number 10 😆

How's he going to pass the ball to our centre halves from there? 

Turn around and hoof it? 

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