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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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1 hour ago, Gigi Alabocheré said:

The cost of a relegation and the drop in gate money/season tickets surely outweighs paying him off. Board being  massively incompetent and spineless is the reason he is still here. Nothing else.

True but you’re currently still within a win of 8th place if it’s down to £s (it always is) the board may keep giving him more time in the hope he turns it around before they are forced to sack him.  As you say cost of sacking is probably a lot less than a relegation. So if you look in serious trouble of going down (fall adrift at the bottom or start to run out of games to turn it around) then they’ll be forced to act. Unfortunately for Pars fans you’re in the same situation we were with Locke where you know Grant won’t turn it around but the board don’t want to act until it becomes critical.  You’ll need to hope when they do it’s a better appointment than we made. 

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I’d actually be furious if we binned grant now and got Petrie in to deal with this disaster.

Because that would mean he was available in the Summer, could’ve prepared his own team and had us in a title fight being led by a club legend. How rosy it could’ve been 

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As bizarre as it sounds, I can see the board battening down the hatches even further after the end of yesterday's game. They might not want to be seen as giving in to fans and cowing to their demands.
I can't remember if I said it on here or on twitter, but over the last few years there's been a few cases where the boards of Scottish Football clubs have been absolutely dismissive of fan protests or complaints and struggled on before succumbing to the inevitable. We had it ourselves when we had Gary Locke when our board released this statement. Elsewhere, you've got Falkirk in their own current predicament and Lennon at Celtic last season where he got a ridiculously long grace period before leaving.  There's definitely a feeling with some people within the game that the "fans know nothing" and while you get some incredibly kneejerk reactions, when it extends into situations like the one Dunfermline are currently in it becomes a real problem. 

I agree with everything you’ve said here. The board have been clear that they don’t give a f**k what the fans think, and there’s definitely a sense that the more the fans want Grant gone, the more determined they are to keep him.
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Thank f*ck for that. Shambles this has been allowed to go on. Massive job for the next man to come in and rejuvenate the place. This’ll be a relegation slog.

Just go and ask Petrie if he fancies it ffs. Can only say no.

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6 hours ago, Chubbychops said:

Petrie please.

    Team P GD Pts
1 Queen's Park 12 9 21
2 Cove Rangers 12 7 21
3 Montrose 12 11 20
4 Airdrieonians 12 4 20
5 Falkirk 12 1 18



Would be a great appointment. He's done wonders at Montrose. Undoubtedly best manager in L1

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