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Walking Down The Halbeath Road

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To make a serious post, before a return to the brilliant Simpsons content, the stuff that's come out about what happened to McArthur is horrible.

I used to take football far too seriously when I was younger (we're talking about 13 years ago here; these days the worst I do is indulge in some pantomime booing and am over it by the time I walk out the ground, which is exactly what happened on Saturday), and a few times was a raging tit at some games. However, it never once occurred to me then to attack someone or spit at someone or vandalise their property. I can't comprehend the mind of such a pathetic, cowardly scumbag cretin piece of shit to do this over a fucking game of football (or indeed anything really). Just outrageously scum behaviour, and astonishingly moronic.

The guy(s) who did this need found, need an absolute kicking, need banned from East End for life, and will hopefully be arrested. The pals of the fuckwits responsible will hopefully have a very serious think about things as well and will hopefully know that they are now on a fucking tightrope themselves.

The last bit of the statement makes a bit more sense now, although the sponsor stuff is still silly and was probably written in the heat of the moment.

I also think that some folk have been going way overboard regarding McArthur. There's definitely valid criticisms to be made and questions to be answered, but some of the stuff being said ('charlatan', 'fraud', 'coward' etc) is nonsense and doesn't hold up to scrutiny. It shouldn't take such horrendous incidents to make folk think twice about this sort of thing, but hopefully this will indeed make them reconsider the language being used and the accusations being chucked about.

Still unsure where things go from here, but hopefully it can be done a bit more civilly.

As you were.


P.S. Who is this 'McCarthur' some people have been posting about....

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